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    Tuesday, July 09, 2013

    This is it People. The End of the Fucking World.

    Later, y'all. This planet sux.

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      Sunday, July 29, 2012

      June 29

      I'll bet you thought I abandoned this project since I started the outrageously successful A Fashionable Condition, but no. I have not been going to the office so project postponed. But I maintain my apt. is not a museum, so here's today's listen.

      1. Ill Ease Circle Line Tours  - Smilex/Swampy Records
      I've been ignoring this CD for way too long. [Hi Liz!!] NY noise just a little sweeter. Beautiful cacophony often. I will listen to this again, right now.

      2. The Speaking Canaries - SCAT Records
       I was really liking this but on the second listen, something terrible happened to the spin in my computer's CD player. It probably had no idea what to do with it. Anyway, I was liking how they bend the notes like Modest Mouse but have a less Pacific Northwest feel. I don't know what that means. BTW, this was such an olde time=y promo, it has the round sticker on the CD, but all professional looking so I didn't even notice it until the second time my CD player touched it in a bad place.

      3. Commodore 64 - Phatinum Records
      My favorite NY geeks I shoulda got with rap it out  and what I presume to be the Original Geekstas on a Mac. Band members are the following: Smart Money "Bass-I.Q." Teddy Ruxpin, HMO and The Professa MC Squared. They all have day jobs in the sciences, higher education and writing. Not bad for '99. They also seem to like Taco Bell. Can I get a "Hell Yeah!!"

      4. The Folk Implosion - The Communion Label
      Clangy, bangy, folky. The disjointed sounds you expect to  hear and love from Sebadoh are right here, but turned down and lovey.

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        Tuesday, June 26, 2012

        JUNE 22

        Sonic Youth - SYR1. Unbridled SY that you must listen to with earbuds on. For the noise lover in you.
         INXS - Kick. Oh I love an accidental auto erotic asphyxiation as much as the next gal. I love every song on this.
        Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Mo' Width. I'm so excited when I hear this. It's the infancy of the powerhouse they would become. Funny cover of "There Stands the Glass".

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          JUNE 15

          The Microphones - Mount Eerie. Ever trippy. Good to work to. Keeper. DJ Casanova - I Love My City. Something, something Soundcloud... This was a charity listen. Somehow this got into my hand at the Haight St. Fair and I thought I'd listen to it before casting it asunder. It should never have made it to my ears, really. Go Sailor. Before there was a meme of a furry kitty cat, there was Go Sailor.

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            Tuesday, June 12, 2012

            June 11

            This is my first post from my home office! I'm having some reluctance to really set it up, but that can't last forever. Onward!

            Nirvana. I feel bummed when I hear this. It reminds me that MCA is dead too. Keeper for another time.

            thee headcoats - the messerschmitt pilot's severed hand. I like Billy Childish so much. Um, the raw punk rock is very likeable. That's really how I feel. I think I will listen again.

            OAKLAND mix CD from Creighton. This man really represents his love of Oakland through the magical medium of mix. Love the Too $hort. It's a constant.

            Screwed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. I have no idea if this movie got made. I might have seen it. I'll wiki latro. I LOVED this in '96. Now I feel less passionate about it. I mean it def kicks every other soundtrack ever w the rare Halo of Kitten, The Melvins  & my personal fave, Guv'ner giving an opinion or professing gutteral love for porn. Oh yeah. Boss Hog, Mudhoney and the Cows are on this. Every song a gem.

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              Saturday, June 09, 2012

              June 8

              Palace Music - "Arise Therefore" - Still sounds as  good as the first time. Stark. Olde Timey, olde timey bitter. Keeper.

              The Neckbones - "Souls on Fire" - I don't remember this from the first go round, but it's good, solid garage/trash.  Keeper.

              N.E.R.D. - "In Search of..." - I bought this, so obvious Keeper. I particularly like the cover pic. It reminds me of my Brother. Masters of modern production & I was STOKED to see them at NASA/Ames AFB for Yuri's Night. Space can never be over produced.

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                Thursday, June 07, 2012

                Will Work For...


                I don't know what your TV marketing region is doing, but this Dee Snyder for Stanley Steemer commercial either makes me feel kinda sad or like I don't wear enough make up. Possibly both.


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                  Friday, June 01, 2012

                  June 1, 2012 - Listening Project

                  Today's selections are:
                  Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits - The Columbia Records 1 cent version. I remember ripping this off from my brother. There's something no one misses. Columbia House Record Club vehemently tracking you down for 10 cassettes or CD's. Trust me children of the digital age, this company would do anything to find you "IRL".
                  Earlimart - "The Avenues - E.P. - Palm Pictures. There's a town called Earlimart by Bakersfield.
                  Baculum - "My Friends Became Junkies" - Three Beads of Sweat. This is still in the wrapper. Sorry guys.
                  Urge Overkill - "The Supersonic Storybook" - Touch and Go. The outside looks very partied on. Disc is pristine. I really used to listen to this A LOT.
                  BTW, Happy 75 th National Doughnut Day!! The first Friday of June!! Now the Doughnut is as old as the Golden Gate Bridge! They both don't look a day over 50!!

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